Main benefits

  • Start using reservation system by inserting one line of code on Your website.
  • The offer management is maximally simplified.
  • If you want, you can expand your offer with additional elements.
  • We will promote your offer in modern marketing channels.

For whom

  • Hotels, guesthouses, short-term rental.
  • Hairdressing salons, dental offices, doctor's offices.
  • Car and equipment rental by the hour.
  • Wherever you need a reservation.

How to run

  • Register, a free API key will be generated, valid for 14 days.
  • Add an offer.
  • Generate js code and paste it on your website.

Booking Widget generator

Required params

Api key from Your account.
HTML container ID for widget.

Optional params

ISO 639-1 Language Code, by default is recognized from user browser settings.
Custom function js function triggered on Change calendar event.
true (default) or false determines if calendar will hide after range selected.
How many months forward user can choose the range, default 12.
If months parameter greater than 2, calendar will slide using forward and backward arrows monthly, default true.
How many elements visible on one paginator page, default 10.